Brett adds mobility kerb to its standard range

Brett adds mobility kerb to its standard range

A specialist mobility kerb that has been installed across regions of South Yorkshire has proven so successful that Brett Landscaping has added the kerb to its standard paving catalogue, thus making it freely available to national developers.

The kerb, which features an upstand of 30mm between carriageway and footpath provides adequate channel drainage, and also aids mobility for wheelchair users and pushchairs; while a protruding lug at the rear of the kerb helps to hold it reliably in place. This subsequently provides greater stability throughout the kerb’s lifetime.

So far, the kerb style has been put to use across four districts of South Yorkshire, predominantly throughout private development sites, as Jamie Gledhill, Northern Specification Manager at Brett Landscaping explains:

“In modifying this traditional style of kerb, we’ve developed a product that is extremely high quality, has proven capability and is also cost effective. So far, it has been introduced across adoptable roads throughout Barnsley, Doncaster & Rotherham, with the most recent installation having been completed within a private housing development by Persimmon Homes.”

The Brett Landscaping kerb is also among the solutions used by Sheffield City Council Highways Adoption Group.

Jamie goes on to detail why the concept for developmental improvement was made: “We felt that introducing a nib at the rear of the kerbstone would be a progressive development; one which would be beneficial, not only to aid level setting, but actually increase the longevity of the stones; as a more stable installation is far less likely to be affected by potential vehicular impact.”

He concludes: “Because its design makes it eminently suitable for so many applications we’ve now decided to roll the mobility kerb out into our standard Commercial Range catalogue, enabling many more contractors to gain from the improvements we’ve made in this vital area of mobility access.”


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