Actis launch video on pitched roof insulation

Actis launch video on pitched roof insulation

Insulation specialist Actis has launched the latest in its series of ‘How To’ videos – with the next two tutorials focusing on how to install Hybris panels into a pitched roof.

The latest videos give a step-by-step guide to measuring, cutting and fitting the honeycomb style insulation. Accessible on site via an iPad or smartphone, the guides give clear, easy instructions which installers can use ahead of time or at the moment they are faced with a query over installation techniques.

The first video is designed to show how easy it is to install Actis Hybris panels in a pitched roof. The NHBC approved honeycomb style insulation material, which also has LABC and LABSS registered details, is available in thicknesses from 50mm to 205mm.

The second video gives clear instructions on how to measure and cut Hybris.

The videos are the latest in a series of visual guides showing how to fit Hybris in a number of scenarios.

Hybris is suitable for roof, wall, ceiling and suspended timber floors and is usually installed between structural members such as timber or steel frames. While it can be in direct contact with building components, its thermal efficiency will be improved with air gaps – ideally 20mm for walls and 13mm for roofs.

It is flexible, held in place by compression and will not slump down. It should be installed in association with a suitable breather membrane or roofing felt.  An independent and continuous vapour barrier may be required, although Hybris can act as a vapour control layer without the need for an independent VCL.

It can be combined with other Actis Hybrid products or with traditional insulation products such as foam board or insulated plasterboard.

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