ACO extends its StormBrixx offering

ACO extends its StormBrixx offering

ACO has announced a new addition to its StormBrixx stormwater attenuation and infiltration range that broadens the scope of installation applications in the construction market.

Designed for surface water infiltration and storage, the StormBrixx system means it can be used across various construction environments as a standalone solution, or as part of an integrated sustainable urban drainage (SuDS) scheme.

The latest addition – ACO StormBrixx SD (Standard Duty) range – represents a general-purpose extension to the high-capacity patented plastic geocellular system, comprising of a 914mm high injection-moulded stackable crate design suitable for use in a wide range of construction applications.

Luke Dekonski, National Manager for Storm Water Control at ACO, commented: “The ACO StormBrixx system is well known throughout the construction industry for its ability to offer a highly-efficient attenuation and SuDS solution. We have decided to launch a highly competitive extension to the StormBrixx range, which will offer many of the structural and time-saving benefits of the original product, but without certain functions which would be redundant on non-public sector projects.”

StormBrixx SD has a depth to invert of 4.5m and is available with integrated access plates to allow easy maintenance. The range is designed for private sector integrated drainage systems with less restrictive specifications. The SD system offers a high void ratio of 97% which can limit the volume of excavation required to achieve a specified storage capacity. This helps to reduce both installation time and cost.

The SD range incorporates many of the benefits of the original HD StormBrixx attenuation system. Given the system’s stackable structure, up to 347m3 can be loaded onto a single HGV – significantly reducing both the number of vehicles required, and consequentially, the carbon emissions for each project. Manufactured from fully recyclable polypropylene, the brick bonded and cross bonding structure ensures the strength of the system.

Additional accessories available include inspection point and pipe connectors and for added ease of maintenance, the system can be configured to minimise silt accumulation. The SD range also benefits from a low flow and drain down facility, to ensure the system can be properly maintained throughout its life.

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