Planning amendments: industry reaction

Planning amendments: industry reaction

Following the government’s recent announcement on proposals for amending the planning requirements further reaction has been emerging from the industry.

BSRIA Chief Executive, Julia Evans (pictured) says: “It is good news that this scheme will give help to SMEs, but does it address the housing issue at large? Clearly, not enough houses – across the size spectrum – are being built.

“As ever, as far as BSRIA is concerned, this scheme will only work if we’ve got enough people to build the houses. The construction industry is currently suffering from a major skills shortage. We need to invest now in recruiting and developing the skills we are going to need to deliver the high volume of energy efficient houses required. Presenting the industry as a viable long term career choice will assist this.

“In this respect, BSRIA does welcome the government’s statement that it has placed housebuilding at the heart of its long-term economic plan, to get homes communities want built and create jobs in construction and related industries.

BSRIA is disappointed with the government’s recent announcement of the end of the UK’s zero carbon buildings policy, but the industry remains ambitious that all new homes are built to the best standard, and they adopt the most energy efficient standards possible. And in this specific respect, we are concerned that the scheme sends out a mixed message on carbon reduction policies.”


Mike Landy, Head of Policy at the Solar Trade Association, commented: “This retrograde and disappointing move by the Government effectively ends its zero carbon buildings policy, at a time when reducing emissions and energy bills are more important than ever.

“Solar on new build homes is a no-brainer and has widespread support. It is cheap, easy, brings running costs down and helps green our energy supply. The scaffolding is already up, the workers are on site and the solar can be attractively integrated into the roof.

“The cost of solar PV has come down by over 60% in recent years and reductions are set to continue.  The occupants of new homes will be the real losers from this, paying hundreds of pounds more for their energy.

“The Government is putting environmental and energy policy into reverse at the very time its Committee on Climate Change is calling for more, not less action.  To us that seems irresponsible.”

More reactions from around the industry can be found here.

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