Survey reveals what sells a home

Survey reveals what sells a home

Consumer research by fixed fee estate agent,, has revealed what UK homeowners believe add the most financial value to a home during the selling process.

eMoov surveyed over 1,000 UK homeowners in October 2015 asking them what they think adds the most financial value when looking to purchase a property.

Topping the list was a spare bedroom, with 25% of those asked believing an additional bedroom adds the most value to a property. The appeal of the spare room stretches far beyond its use as an extra place to sleep and can be utilised in many ways whether it be a home office, salon, nursery, workshop or play room.

Outside space was the next best justification for a higher property price, with 19% of homeowners believing it added the most value. The garage was the third best asset a homeowner’s property can include, with 16% of those asked thinking it added the most financial value.

Just 2% of those asked felt a good community atmosphere added value to a property.


Will add the most financial value % of Homeowners
1st A spare bedroom 25%
2nd Outside space 19%
3rd Garage 16%
4th En-suite bathroom for the main bedroom 13%
5th Car parking space/s 11%
6th Local amenities such as a supermarket, doctors surgery 5%
7th Strong internet connection 4%
8th Strong mobile phone signal 3%
9th Good community atmosphere 2%


Founder and CEO of, Russell Quirk, commented: “This research goes to show that it’s the fundamentals people are concerned about, the number of bedrooms in case they want friends to stay or wish to start a family, outside space to entertain or for the kids to play in, a garage to store that accumulated clutter as the years pass by, an en-suite so you can have a bath in peace or that extra parking space for when the 17th birthday rolls round.”


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