The kitchen of the future – imagined by Whirlpool

The kitchen of the future – imagined by Whirlpool

The Whirlpool Interactive Kitchen of the Future is an intelligent and connected concept cooking environment that predicts the future of the smart kitchen.

Whirlpool believes the future consumer will continue to expect a great deal from their appliances, not only to be frugal with energy, and with outstanding performance and results but they also want them to be easy and intuitive to use, as well as saving time and effort.

The company has foreseen the future kitchen as a natural progression from where we are now and developed a concept kitchen to demonstrate where we might be in the near future.

The Whirlpool Interactive Kitchen of the Future concept features an interactive splash back and cooktop that connects the consumer to their social networks, favourite websites, and recipes, for meal and guest planning with no additional devices or books required. The interactive splash back features a personalised touch screen which facilitates live ‘chats’ with mum for secret recipe tips and offers wine recommendations for the selected meal, while the future kitchen hob lists the dishes’ ingredients and tells you where to place each saucepan automatically.

The Interactive Kitchen of the Future is a project that explores how connectivity and sensorial interaction could evolve in the kitchen and our home environment in the near future. The ever-increasing complexity in the home with multiple schedules, the need for multi-tasking, pressure of time constraints and contemporary living are making home life and free-time increasingly precious. Consumers want products that will simplify their lives and are a pleasure to use.

The Whirlpool concept kitchen simulates a day in the life in a smart kitchen. It highlights the kitchen as a cooking and informational hub, showcasing how Whirlpool smart technology will help a family cook, clean and care in the near future. Using a smart backsplash and countertop, the company has evolved their conceptual smart kitchen to learn a family’s likes and routines so the environment and appliances can anticipate their unique needs and adapt to unforeseen changes such as unexpectedly caring for a sick child or the need to adapt a favourite recipe based on the ingredients available.

Alessandro Finetto, senior director of global consumer design, Whirlpool EMEA, says: “We have observed among our consumers that key concerns when running their homes are cost and environmental impact. Investments in innovation and improved energy efficiency in economic appliances has greatly reduced energy consumption, however to improve further in these fields we have recognised the need to take the next step.

“It is important that the most powerful innovations are inspired by human behaviours and a real need. We began with a team of dedicated specialists who analysed a typical family routine and matched that with the latest emerging technologies to create Whirlpool brand’s vision of how a family will cook and clean in the near future.

“Whirlpool brand creates technology with purpose that gives the busy consumer the time and freedom to do what really matters to them. It is important to us that new products should empower and positively impact daily living; otherwise it’s simply technology for its own sake. The future, according to Whirlpool, envisages more products that help you enjoy living today, releasing time to spend with friends and family, and with one foot going forward to tomorrow.”

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