Isover announces new acoustics CPD

Isover announces new acoustics CPD

Recognising the increased emphasis on acoustics within today’s construction industry, Isover has created an acoustic CPD.

Developed in response to evidence about the negative effects noise disturbance can have on a building’s occupants, the CPD, entitled ‘Introduction to Acoustics’ looks at the fundamentals of acoustics and how sound can be dealt with in order to comply with the relevant Building Regulations.

Chris Roughneen, Technical Manager at Isover commented: “As a result of the increasing volume of modern life and the recent research into the harmful effects nuisance noise can have on our health and well-being, the issue of acoustics has become an important topic within the construction industry. It is proven that homeowners are happier, students learn more effectively and workers have higher levels of concentration in a quieter environment.

“With this in mind, we decided to create a CPD to help educate the industry on the importance of acoustics and guide specifiers and housebuilders on how best to improve the acoustics of a building at the design stage of a project. Indeed, it is becoming more common for people to take the acoustics of a property into consideration when searching for a new home. Therefore, learning how to incorporate acoustic insulation solutions within the design and construction process will not only give builders and specifiers an edge in an otherwise competitive market, but also provide end users with a comfortable environment to live, play and learn in.”

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