Klober supports learning ahead of Part F update

Klober supports learning ahead of Part F update

Klober has invested in training resources ahead of updates to Approved Document: Part F in 2022.

Having acknowledged the impact that regulation changes will have on the roofing industry, Klober is providing ongoing training to help plug any knowledge gaps. The company’s new CPD video is being hosted online, free of charge to prevent limited uptake.

The CPD explores elimination of condensation in pitched roofs, with reference to BS 5250:2021, and details requirements for ventilation in pitched roofing. Specifically, it evaluates the link between membrane choice and the risk of roof space condensation and subsequent impact of homeowner and building health.

Nick King, Portfolio Manager at Klobe,r said: “With key changes to building regs set for 2022 and beyond, ensuring competency across the roofing sector is key. Ongoing training is therefore critical for the construction industry. So, when the time came to update our CPD we were keen to make it accessible, which is why it’s free to access online. In doing so, architects, installers and merchants, and potentially savvy homeowners, can gain knowledge around the topic.

“Internal condensation can be detrimental to a homeowner’s health if exposure is prolonged. Also, mould caused by condensation damp can cause serious damage to a building’s infrastructure and may cause dry rot in timber and crumbling external brickwork. That’s why it’s important to mitigate condensation issues in buildings.”

Nick continued: “This video makes up part of our increased focus on training and development this year. We are particularly passionate about attracting young people to our industry, and it’s crucial they are served the best training from an early age.”

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