Sustainable heating solutions

Sustainable heating solutions

Renewables offer housebuilders and developers an efficient and sustainable solution to heating needs, especially in off-gas locations. Anna Wakefield, Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager for Grant UK explains.

Despite some reduction to Government incentives, there is no doubt that renewables continue to provide a cost effective and energy efficient way of heating, especially in off-gas areas. Property developers and housebuilders in these, often rural locations, can add significant value to their developments by installing one or more technologies into a building.

Renewable technologies like solar thermal and heat pumps are particularly suited to new builds or recently developed properties, which have a high energy performance rating and are well insulated. If a fossil fuelled back up to the renewable heating system is preferred, then there is also the option to go for a hybrid. Products such as the Grant VortexAir hybrid combine a highly efficient blue flame oil condensing boiler with an air source heat pump.

Solar Thermal

While sunshine in the UK is never guaranteed, this isn’t an issue for Solar Thermal technology. It operates from both direct and diffused sunlight and so is perfectly able to cope with the UK’s varied weather, achieving as much as a 70% saving in water heating costs. Solar collectors transfer heat to the cylinder where hot water is produced. These can be installed using either an ‘on-roof’, ‘in-roof’ or ‘flat-roof’ mounting system and in the case of the Grant Sahara system, maintenance can be kept to a minimum as the panels incorporate self-cleaning glass.

Aerona3For ease of ordering and installation, Grant provides solar products in kit form complete with all the required components. Solar controllers automate the operation of the system making it easy to run and stress free for the installer and end user. The pump station has been designed specifically to make installation easier, incorporating a High Efficiency (HE) pump, air eliminator and manual bleed screw for rapid air removal from the system.

A simple, cost effective solution to integrate the solar thermal system with mains pressure combination boilers is a must. With this in mind, Grant’s R&D team have also developed the CombiSOL. This controls the outlet temperature of stored water produced by the solar thermal and directs the flow to either the hot water outlet or via the combi-boiler.


Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps also offer a practical alternative to fuels such as oil, gas and LPG. Using basic thermodynamic principles, air source heat pumps convert latent heat contained within the air we breathe into heat energy, which can be used to provide heating and hot water. More financial investment is generally needed in the building structure (for instance better insulation, double glazing, larger radiators or underfloor heating) to enable a renewable technology like this to be installed, but new builds and redeveloped properties which have been brought up to a good level of insulation and energy performance are particularly suited to heat pump installations.Grant UK 1

Grant first entered the heat pump market in 2010 with the Aerona range of single phase air to water heat pumps, as we felt the Company needed to offer an ancillary renewable product that could be used alone or combined with fossil fuels to cater for properties needing to improve energy efficiency.

We have now launched our third generation heat pump – the Aerona³, a new inverter driven air to water unit that has an ErP rating of A++. It is available in three unit outputs of 6kW, 10kW and 16kW, all MCS Approved. The Heat Pumps, which produce a consistent heat output at very high COP’s, are compact in physical size (again, increasing installation choices for engineers) and have very low noise levels whilst operating. The weather compensation controls and a base tray heating element also stop ice formation in cold weather conditions.

The Grant Aerona³ heat pump units will suit properties which want to incorporate renewable technologies when space is at a premium. As with all Grant products, Aerona³ heat pumps are geared towards easy installation and maintenance for both installers and end user.

VortexAir Hybrid

As a manufacturer, we are always striving to generate cleaner energy with low carbon emissions and we know that green, sustainable technologies can deliver dependable, efficient heating. We are now also helping housebuilders and developers unlock the benefits of renewable energy for their customers with the new VortexAir. This hybrid combines the trusted attributes of a Grant VortexBlue oil boiler with the green advantage of an Aerona³ inverter driven heat pump.

Renewable technologies can sometimes prove difficult for homeowners to install into their properties, especially when in a distress purchase situation. The VortexAir solves this with a 16kW inverter driven heat pump, combined with a high efficiency 16kW blue flame oil boiler. This hybrid means heating installers will be able to offer a greener alternative to boiler replacements, with minimal disruption in the home. It can automatically switch between the heat pump and oil boiler, ensuring maximum efficiency and taking advantage of the current low price of oil.

Renewable technologies continue to offer a viable and practical heating solution for housebuilders and property developers. With manufacturers, such as Grant, leading the way with highly efficient hybrid products, solar thermal and heat pump solutions, there are now many options available to suit developments or single new builds, adding value to properties, lowering carbon emissions and saving money for homeowners.

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