Methven | Showers for a better planet

Methven | Showers for a better planet

PHPD talks to Methven’s Head of Marketing, Catherine Seville-Clare about the company’s new range of products aimed specifically at the specification market.

Could you tell us a little about Methven?
Methven is an award winning, global designer and manufacturer of premium showers and taps, which have been designed and engineered in New Zealand. Committed to conserving energy and water for future generations, we have developed innovative technologies to deliver invigorating showers whilst using less water. 

To support housebuilders and developers and help them achieve the next generation of bathrooms we have launched a dedicated specification range, which is a collection of coordinating tapware, showering solutions and accessories that have been designed to provide professionals with a portfolio of products that deliver the highest standards in water efficiency, without compromising on visual appeal or performance. 

Can you tell us more about this range?
Our new range focuses solely on providing developers and specifiers with bathroom solutions that not only look visually appealing, but also can support their sustainability objectives by helping them achieve the optional Part G standard of 110 litres per person per day. 

Like its consumer offering, Methven’s specification range encompasses all the water saving benefits that we are synonymous with, to help developers reduce the water consumption of each dwelling. This is a real benefit as consumers are now generally more environmentally savvy and aware of potential savings on both water and energy bills. 

What are some of the trends in the bathroom market right now?
We’ve recognised that the housebuilding market has shifted significantly over the past decade with the emergence of smaller developers who are delivering high quality homes that are much more design led. 

Traditionally the specification market has been poorly served by manufacturers, giving specifiers access to only commodity style lines, Methven wanted to take a different approach and offer products with cutting edge designs.

Brassware has always been an area of the bathroom that consumers are most adventurous with and trends are ever evolving. Currently, matte black and brushed brass are extremely popular, as well contemporary showerheads that feature innovative designs.

The Specification Range consists of three product ranges, Wai, Motu and Tasman, with Wai being the first to launch. It features a selection of tapware and showers that have been skilfully designed in five high quality finishes, chrome, matte black, brushed brass, gunmetal and brushed nickel. These diverse metallic surfaces have been created to support professionals in achieving complete design freedom with the overall interior scheme.

Can you expand upon the water saving benefits you mentioned earlier?
There are genuine concerns that the UK will face severe water shortages in the next 20 years due to climate change and population growth, and as a result, the Environment Agency is urging everyone to reduce their water usage by 40 litres or more. 

Statistics show that water used in the bathroom accounts for 40% of a household’s daily usage. Current Building Regulations require all new dwellings to achieve water efficiency of 125L per person per day, with an optional requirement to achieve water efficiency of 110L per person per day, under the latest version of Approved Document G. 

Therefore, by specifying solutions that adhere to the Government’s ‘optional’ requirement to achieve water efficiency of 110L, professionals can not only ensure the property is compliant with current regulations, but simultaneously support future homeowners in proactively reducing their long-term water and energy usage.


Methven’s Specification Range offers innovative water-saving technologies which incorporate its patented Satinjet, Aurajet and Vjet shower spray technology. The cutting edge systems maximise each individual droplet of water to contact the skin in the most effective way and include flow regulators, which play an essential role in limiting the amount of water distributed by the shower.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Methven and we are committed to not only helping the UK reduce its water consumption by creating innovative water saving bathroom technology but to also ensure everything we do from conceptual design through to delivery to site is sustainable.

How important is it to buy from a respected brand? Is it important to contribute to ongoing research and development?
When choosing what products to specify there are a few things to consider. First by working with respected brands you have the additional assurance that you’re getting high quality products that are built to last. Methven offers a comprehensive warranty on its products and stocks a wide range of spare parts, meaning elements can easily be changed without replacing the whole product.

Also, by specifying well known-brands that are known for their enhanced product benefits it allows the developer to provide a unique product offering to set themselves apart in a crowded market. 

Every year Methven reinvests a proportion of its revenue back into R&D, and innovation and technology are the backbone of our business. We are continually looking at ways to improve the end user experience, whilst conserving water and maintaining our high quality standards. 

With three of the six global showering technology patents we’re always working on the next soon-to-be-patented technology.

Bathrooms are often seen as the main focal point for relaxation at home. Can Methven’s new specification range provide for higher well-being among end users?
Over the past 18 months, Covid-19 has had a significant impact on the mental wellbeing of individuals and we recognise that bathrooms are no longer solely functional spaces. 

By installing first class bath and showering solutions, developers can replicate a spa-like environment, while the visual appeal of products can also emulate the high quality, polished aesthetic that individuals expect of a wellness centre.

Methven’s range of showering solutions transform everyday showering into a spa like experience as its technology has been designed to provide an invigorating and immersive shower. With soft spray functions and patterns to provide a full bodied experience the Specification Range offers Methven’s most advanced range to date to provide homeowners with total relaxation.

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