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Heating & Plumbing | Straight to the source

PHPD follows the installation of a renewable heating system into a new build home in Cornwall.

Developers and self-builders are increasingly turning to air source heat pumps when choosing a suitable heating system which is not reliant on fossil fuels. New properties are built with excellent levels of insulation and installing heat emitters with large surface areas is easy to scope into the early phases of a build, two factors which contribute to the efficient and smooth running of a low temperature system, such as an air source heat pump. A recent build in Perranporth, Cornwall exemplifies this and shows why heat pumps and underfloor heating are an ideal match for new builds.

The property, which has four bedrooms, a master bathroom, en-suite and a ground floor shower room, was designed to deliver comfort for its owners which also included the installation of a renewable heating system. A Grant Aerona³ air source heat pump was selected as the heat source alongside a new hot water cylinder and an underfloor heating system which have been installed to meet the space heating and hot water demand of this sustainably built home. 

Tom Smith Plumbing and Heating Services, which specialises in renewable, eco-friendly technologies, completed the installation.

“The clients gave us a design brief and we came up with a system to suit the needs of their property,” says Tom Smith, the installing engineer. “Being an eco-friendly build, this property needed a sustainable heating system that would help the client achieve a low carbon footprint. The Monowave cylinder and 10kW Aerona³ heat pump were a perfect match and couple that with the Uflex underfloor heating meant it was an all-star Grant team of technologies we put forward and then installed into the property.”

The 10kW heat pump is one of four models within the Grant Aerona³ R32 air source heat pump range. Monobloc in design, the Aerona³ heat pumps are inverter driven units and are highly efficient, achieving an ErP rating of A+++. The 10kW model’s excellent performance is marked by its high SCOP value of 5.22, demonstrating its efficient operation even when external temperatures are low.

“Grant Uflex underfloor heating has been installed throughout the ground floor and first floor of this property,” continues Tom. “By installing this underfloor heating system, both floors become the surface area through which heat can be evenly distributed into the living spaces of the home. This large surface area enables the client’s desired room temperatures to be met by the heat pump system while also helping the heat pump itself to work in its most efficient operation.”

Tom Smith Plumbing and Heating Services are G1 Installers based in Redruth and regularly install Grant’s renewable technologies. 

“As a business, we are striving to deliver heating systems which are sustainable and in line with the eco-friendly ethos that many of our clients hold,” comments Tom. “I enjoy working with Grant’s products because they are installer-friendly, and the technical back-up and after-sales support is great. This installation was one of three eco-houses we have completed in Perranporth in the past six months and a mixture of Grant renewable heating systems have been fitted in all the properties, proving how greener, more sustainable heating solutions have helped our clients realise their goals of an environmentally friendly home.

As this installation shows, for many developments and new build projects, the move to renewables has already started. Grant UK says it has seen very healthy sales of heat pumps over the last 12 months, and a high uptake of heat pump training courses and a hunger for knowledge from contractors who would like to know more about renewable heating solutions. 

“With a strong background in the off-gas heating market, Grant is currently involved in trialling renewable biofuels as one possible solution to decarbonising the harder to heat homes, and is also actively involved in the manufacture and supply of air source heat pumps and hybrid technologies, both of which are now seeing steady sales growth,” says Anna Wakefield, Grant UK’s Head of Marketing.

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