Fassa Bortolo | Wrapping up warm

Fassa Bortolo | Wrapping up warm

EWI render systems can improve the thermal performance of a property. Dale Telling, commercial manager at Fassa Bortolo UK, looks at the benefits of installing an EWI render system on your next development.

Whilst there is a lot of focus on the interior of a development and designing a practical, aesthetically pleasing living space, the exterior of a property should also be considered with the same degree of thought.

Used widely in both new build properties and renovations, an EWI system will insulate the property from the outside. Ideal for maximising living space, this system is applied to the exterior wall with an insulating layer, which is usually expanded polystyrene (EPS) or mineral wool, reinforcing mesh, a base coat and a finishing render. Other than helping to reduce operating costs, which can result in hefty savings in older properties, an EWI system is also one of the most energy-saving solutions available.

With the majority of heat lost through thermal bridges in the walls, the only way to combat heat loss is through insulation. Thermal bridges are prone to the effects of condensation, which over only a short period of time can cause damp issues. This can lead to internal damage to paint, wallpaper and plasterwork if not properly dealt with.

Not only will an EWI system help insulate the property in colder months, but it also acts as a regulator to keep homes cooler in the summer. The same goes in terms of keeping noise in, and out. Noise-pollution can be a huge deterrent for potential buyers, with traffic on busy roads being the main issue. If the property is located next to a heavy flow of traffic, installing EWI may be the best way to reduce the impact of this.

The thermal performance of a home is becoming more prevalent, as homes with better energy performance certificates (EPC) appear far more attractive to potential buyers. With the correct measures in place, a renovation can operate as efficiently as a new home. A home which is well-insulated, sound-proof, damp free and cost-effective to run is undoubtedly a more valuable one.

Create an impression from the outset, with a contemporary render finish.
No longer a thing of grand designs, homeowners are activity seeking homes with a rendered facade. Applied at the final stage of EWI installation, the decorative render brings a modern touch to the building.

To rejuvenate an older house, a finishing render will breathe life back into the property and add that essential aesthetic value. There is a whole spectrum of colours available to suit the style of the property. Crisp whites are fitting on new builds and extensions alongside modern anthracite windows and guttering, while earthy tones are well suited to conversions and country homes.

There are bolder colours available for a more unique look including soft yellows, pastel greens and nautical blues. If the colour needed isn’t available, it’s more than likely there will be a top coat available to fit the brief. If the colour needs to be matched to an existing RAL shade, Fassa offers a colour matching tint machine service at select distributors nationwide.

In areas particularly vulnerable to wind and rain, a rendered facade can help reduce external and structural wear to the property. Some affected locations include the Channel, the West coast of Wales and Scotland, South West England, and Northern Ireland. Continuous weathering, particularly wind driven rain, can have an effect on the external surface of a building, so a finishing render is one of the best ways to block any long lasting damage.

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