Design flexibility and customisation for new homes

Design flexibility and customisation for new homes

Chris Tranter, Specification Product Manager at Bristan, discusses the options available for housebuilders to make customisation easy for the buyer.

For housebuilders, the need to create standout homes that will sell quickly on the marketplace is essential. For many, personalisation is an important requirement as new homeowners look to put their own stamp on their homes. Thus, when it comes to specification, easily swapped products are a quick win.

In today’s interiors driven marketplace, consumers aren’t only looking to buy a new home as a financial investment, they’re also looking for a place to build a life and express their own style.

The numbers behind the trend

Recent research has found that 48% of homebuyers would pay a premium to be able to move into a new property immediately, with minimal renovation work needed. A kitchen in good condition is also at the top of the wish list for 43% of homebuyers.

The demand for quick personalisation options is evident. An Aviva study shows that on average, new homeowners spend £10,010 on their home in the first 12 months of ownership. As such, it’s crucial that housebuilders’ choice of fixtures not only reflects the lifestyle aspirations of the house-hunters, but also gives them the option to easily change products if they are looking to personalise their new property.


Bristan’s Caramel Easyfit tap

Offering flexible design in the kitchen

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home – and therefore one of its most important selling points. By specifying practical, durable and on-trend kitchen taps, it is possible to offer a standout kitchen for any type of home. For example, features such as single lever controls and pullout sprays combine aesthetic appeal with functionality.

However, with research from Aviva showing that 18% of homeowners renovate their kitchen in the first year of ownership, the desire for easily swapped taps is a key consideration. To fulfil these requirements, there are now products available which take just minutes to install and negate the need for any retiling work.

New designs for tailored taps

An example of this customisable design is Bristan’s range of Easyfit kitchen taps. This range has been specifically created to offer ease of fit, increasing the speed of modern tap fittings.

The Easyfit fixture

Each tap is designed for first and second fix installation – meaning it can be installed in two parts. The base can be fitted first, even before the kitchen suite has been installed. This allows the tiling and sealing to be completed more easily and prevents any accidental damage to the tap body during the final finishing stages.

The tap body can then be fitted at a later stage using an Allen key to secure it to the base, which not only helps to accelerate the build process, but also allows for quick replacements – meaning upgrades or damaged taps can be cheaper to install. This lets homeowners easily swap the taps, providing the opportunity to tailor their home to their personal style.

This also provides housebuilders with more commercial prospects too. Before the property is sold, they can easily upgrade the taps to more premium models – allowing them to offer potential homebuyers the choice of different price points and multiple designs.

When buying a new home, the bathroom and kitchen remain two of the most important selling points. With a rise in homeowners wanting to personalise their properties beyond standard specifications, having products already installed which offer easy customisation is crucial. Choosing the right products allows housebuilders to ensure that they are offering the highest level of flexibility to buyers.

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