Alno’s kitchen trends for 2017

Alno’s kitchen trends for 2017

ALNO looks forward to 2017, as it anticipates the kitchen trends that will be at the top of every interior wish-list in the new year.

A trend-leader, ALNO is used to forecasting the latest luxury styles for the kitchen and introducing innovative new materials and finishes.


A re-occurring interior trend, which is set to be even bigger for 2017, is open-plan living, with a particular emphasis on monolithic kitchen furniture. Think large kitchen islands in big open-plan kitchen/dining/living rooms and tall cabinets, offering plenty of storage space and somewhere to conceal kitchen utensils and appliances while the room is used for work or entertaining. Kitchen furniture can even be extended into your living space, as pictured right where the ALNOSTAR CERA range has been used to create cabinets and shelving, blurring the boundaries between the kitchen and living room with dramatic effect.
Spacious, open-plan rooms are also perfect for mixing contrasting materials and finishes.


The company’s new Ferro Bronze – a striking bronze metal-effect with a burnished industrial look – is juxtaposed against a pure and minimal High-gloss White (pictured above), creating a blend of textures, tones and trends together in one room, for an avant-garde design that captures the imagination.

ALNO also sees a return to nature with new real wood veneers and wood-effect finishes in rich red/brown tinted shades and cool washes of white, combined with pastel greens and deep greys. New cabinetry is also inspired by architecture, like sensational new design concept, ALNOATTRACT, which draws its inspiration from church design, featuring accented rib structures and smoke glass doors. Natural materials in earthy tones draw the outside in and create a relaxed feeling of harmony in the home.

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