Wavin’s new AquaGrid 40

Wavin’s new AquaGrid 40

Wavin has launched a new pervious paving system, AquaGrid 40, designed to offer a sustainable water management solution for car parks, landscaped areas and driveways.

An extension to the company’s Stormwater Range, AquaGrid 40 comprises modular square grids made from recycled plastic that interlink with integrated locking lugs. These sections can be filled with grass or gravel to provide an effective solution which improves the management of captured rain and stormwater.

The product’s ability to fit in with the surrounding environment makes it suited for developers looking to incorporate more subtle rainwater management products into their projects. It also contributes to wider Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), supporting the aims of Part H of the Building Regulations. 

Chris Mellor-Dolman, Marketing Communications Manager at Wavin said: “Climate change has brought more frequent bouts of heavy rainfall and flash flooding to the UK, and our drainage infrastructure needs to adapt and improve. AquaGrid 40 is a vital addition to our Stormwater range, reducing the chances of local drainage infrastructures becoming overwhelmed and property damage occurring. We’ve been able to deliver a sustainable product that effectively captures, controls, conveys and conserves water (when used with an attenuation system) in paved areas.

“At the same time, its ability to blend in means that AquaGrid 40 is able to play its crucial role without being overly prominent to residents or passers-by.”

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