Voice of Colour unveils its Colour of the Year

Voice of Colour unveils its Colour of the Year

Launching in the UK for the first time, Voice of Colour has unveiled its 2018/19 Colour of the Year, Black Flame.

The Voice of Colour collection exclusively brings its latest colours to Johnstone’s Trade paint coatings. As part of the launch, Voice of Colour has also introduced the 2018 trends guide, Corelation, which reveals Black Flame as its Colour of the Year.

Donna Taylor, Principal Colour Consultant for Voice of Colour, said: “Black Flame’s flexibility means it’s perfect to use in a variety of spaces – from a statement wall, to a matt finish on a ceiling. It can also be used with a high gloss finish on a naturally-lit staircase, or on cabinet interior and exterior doors.”

A blend of black and indigo, Black Flame is the anchor colour in the broader 2018/19 Global Colour Trends palette.

Ben Wilde, Colour Marketing Manager from Voice of Colour, said: “2018’s Voice of Colour trends palettes have been developed following the collaboration of over 20 of our colour stylists from around the world, who specialise in industries such as consumer electronics, architecture, automotive and aerospace.”

Every colour found in Corelation is available in the Johnstone’s Trade paint coatings range.


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