XL Joinery | Called to the colours

XL Joinery | Called to the colours

Mike Morris, Commercial Manager at XL Joinery, shares some insights on the latest trends in colour inside the home throughout 2020, and how they can take advantage when dressing new properties.

When it comes to the green trend, it isn’t just about colour, but also an approach to materials and mindset. Sustainability was the buzzword of 2019 and it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon – homebuyers are interested in sustainable products now more than ever, and this won’t stop when it comes to home decor. Finding recycled or sustainable products to dress up a space will become a priority for consumers, what’s more, the interest in upcycling will also be bolstered by this. Using products that boast ethically-conscious qualities or working closely with sustainable companies is also a trend that continues to be prominent into 2020 as well.

Green is also known to be one of the many popular colour trends in 2020 due to the growth in the soft tropics trend that hit last year. Whether it’s a leafy Adeline green or a soft, yet futuristic Neo-Mint, greens will be big in 2020 and will be Integrated into the home, from wallpapers to plants, and the use of social spaces, as homeowners look to make the most out of their property. For example, installing a room dividing door within the home, homeowners will be able to benefit from integrated urban living areas, which is ideal for social spaces and bringing light into the home, whilst also adding privacy when wanted, offering the best of both worlds.

Here at XL Joinery, we’re proud to be a carbon neutral accredited company. Whether that involves supporting overseas projects, or taking a look at ourselves internally and making sure our workplace and warehouse is sustainable too, we are continuously achieving and improving our carbon neutral accreditation.

Soft and subtle
With wellbeing and mental health an increasingly important factor to consider when designing a home, luxurious living is also on the rise. Soft and subtle colours often compliment interiors, whilst also offering a luxurious atmosphere. Still lingering from the popularity of the dusky pinks and lilacs that were especially popular on Instagram, softer and more neutral tones will still play a part in home decor. Light grey, pale yellow and pastel turquoise can be used in and around the home to bring a sense of tranquillity and simplicity to comfy space. While, at the exterior, these colours will add subtle personality to doors and window frames and brighten up the look of the street.

Feeling Blue
We’re going to be seeing a lot more blue throughout 2020 as the colour has already been disclosed as a popular choice for New York Fashion Week, according to Pantone , and will be one for home interiors too. Where recent seasons have seen the darker navy and cobalt shades become popular, 2019’s pastel boom and the desire for something fresh and crisp will see lighter tones join the darker shades to let the versatility of blue shine in all its glory.

So, whether you want to go for a bold and brilliant cobalt external door or a cool and comfortable sky blue sofa, your home will be well on-trend and ready to impress. Combining style with practicality, coloured front doors had an impact on the market in 2019 and are predicted to be an even bigger hit next year, propelled by the influence of social media’s popular ‘Instagrammable’ doors trend. So whether your customer is looking to bring out the unique characteristics of a country home, or you are looking to add a splash of personality to a new build property, coloured front doors create the ideal solution are set to have a moment in 2020.

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