New Noise Logger from Brüel & Kjær

New Noise Logger from Brüel & Kjær

Noise Logger delivers noise level measurements for planned developments and compliance investigations.

Brüel & Kjær has launched a new Noise Logger that enables users to take unattended noise level measurements 24 hours a day.

The system allows users to view real-time noise data, transfer information to the cloud, check equipment and manage measurements during a survey. Customers can assess online data daily, and end their survey as soon as they have the measurements required. Data can be used for a variety of post-processing activities including reporting representative noise levels or regulatory compliance.

The logger sets up in minutes for efficient use out of the box. The self-contained, single-unit system includes:

  • Solar panel for extended, continuous operation
  • A weather-resistant outdoor microphone
  • A corrosion-proof, integrated microphone mount

The flexible Noise Logger comes with a Type 2250 sound level meter, software and accessories including full statistics, 1/3-octave band analysis, audio recording with event triggering and a memory card. Email alerts can notify when pre-set noise levels are exceeded or the internal battery runs low. Remote communication and stand-alone operation versions are available.

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