Cutting down construction time and resources on site

Cutting down construction time and resources on site

Scott Timber Engineering (STE) has unveiled a set of standardised timber vehicle storage solutions and porches, aimed at allowing housebuilders to cut down construction time and resources on site whilst adding value to properties.

Providing alternatives to bricks and mortar-based garages and porches, the Easi-fit range comprises prefabricated components made from engineered timber which are delivered onsite to housebuilders on a just-in-time basis for rapid assembly. STE have focused on developing a set of standardised measurements and configurations that can easily be procured and incorporated into housing developments at scale.

“With Easi-Fit, we have focused on developing an attractive, practical solution for housebuilders looking to add something special to their developments,” said James Scott, Managing Director of the Scotts Group.

“We’re taking advantage of timber’s suitability for offsite construction to deliver time and cost savings without compromising on quality or desirability. We are confident our solutions will add significantly to the aesthetics of any housing scheme.”

One of the additional selling points of Easi-Fit is sustainability replacing mortar or steel solutions for porches and garages with durable timber to help reduce carbon footprint and increase the use of natural materials. The timber for Easi-Fit is manufactured from a range of PEFC-certified and sustainability-sourced timbers including Redwood, Whitewood Oak, Douglas Fir, and Accoya.

Scott continued: “Scotts recently completed our Carbon Footprint certification to help ensure we can maximise the low carbon benefits of timber products for our customers. For every tonne of timber used in our buildings instead of concrete, another two tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions are saved.

“Easi-Fit is designed to make it as easy as possible for housebuilders to replace aspects of their builds with timber, so it really is a win-win for our customers in sustainability, costs and speed of installation.”

Scotts Timbers has secured contracts with Miller Homes to deliver Easi-Fit products with several more contracts in the pipeline. All customers will be provided with on-site training to ensure Easi-fit products can be installed as efficiently as possible.

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