Modular steel frame housebuilder adopts super strength plasterboard

Modular steel frame housebuilder adopts super strength plasterboard

VRC Homes in Cambridgeshire is the latest among a number of housebuilders to favour Gyproc Habito Super Strength plasterboard.

A specialist in modular steel frame structures, Managing Director Michael Philpot sees VRC Homes being a ‘cut above the ordinary housebuilder’. For him, the move away from traditional plasterboard is key to creating a positive homeowner experience.

Michael Philpot commented: “I want our customers to buy homes from us which are practical. Gyproc Habito opens up all kinds of possibilities for homebuyers when it comes to moving in and personalising the space. I’m proud to tell people the walls are strong enough to take a heavy TV, or a huge mirror hanging from just one or two woodscrews. And, without exception, everyone is impressed to learn they can leave behind their drills and wall plugs, instead just screwing straight into the plasterboard with a screwdriver.”

From bungalows to four bedroom houses and apartments, when it comes to specifying building materials, Michael Philpot likes to ‘trade up’ to overcome what he perceives to be some of the failings of traditionally-built homes. Philpot continued: “Our offsite modular steel frames already set us apart and we make the most of being different to what people would ordinarily expect from a housebuilder.

“We then look to specify the best building materials for each project – whether it’s bricks, kitchens, windows or, in this case, plasterboard. What I particularly like about Gyproc Habito is when you knock on the wall, you don’t get that hollow sound people have come to expect from new-build homes – because we’ve used Super Strength plasterboard, our homes feel and sound solid.”

Harrington Gardens is the first development in the VRC portfolio to specify Gyproc Habito Super Strength plasterboard and it will now be included as standard across all new VRC Homes schemes. Philpot concluded: “The differential is negligible within a total build cost and it’s become one of the key selling points in our marketing.”

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