Mira Showers launches ultra-compact Mira Minimal range

Mira Showers launches ultra-compact Mira Minimal range

Following a year of lockdown, many consumers have taken the time to look around them and notice the things that need to be done to improve their home space. In response to consumers looking to maximise the space in their bathrooms, Mira has introduced the ultra-compact Mira Minimal range, a distinctive and contemporary option. Which still offers a high-performance showering experience.

Mira Showers has over 100 years’ experience in designing easy to specify and install products by listening to its customers, understanding their needs, and channelling this knowledge to create innovative, solution led products, such as its new Mira Minimal range.

Mira Minimal’s clean, modern design comes with 50mm pipe centres, making it the perfect retrofit solution for the Mira Agile, as well as being ideal for complete bathroom renovations. The compact footprint also solves the spatial challenges of many modern bathrooms. Its intuitive controls and innovative technology delivers a high-quality showering experience, while the sleek design offers a premium finish at an affordable price.

Crucially for the installer, it is simple to install and comes with a first fix kit which includes fixings and templates to make installation, easier, faster, and more secure. The adjustable, moveable deluge head also increases installation flexibility. Both the single and dual outlet variants use the same first fix kit, ensuring that upgrades can be catered for seamlessly.

Mira knows that every project is different, developing products that deliver consistent performance across all systems and pressures, even at low pressure – designed to make your life easier. From universal fittings to templates that aid installation, Mira’s range ensures you can specify and fit with confidence.

With innovative technology allowing for water temperature adjustments to be made from a single dial, the Mira Minimal range is available with a single powerful spray mode and wide 110mm Mira Beat spray head. Mira Minimal Dual offers all these benefits, with an additional 200mm deluge shower head for greater coverage. The adjustable deluge head also allows for easier positioning of the deluge on smaller, or off-centre installations meaning an increase in installation flexibility.

The Mira Minimal Mixer includes industry leading technologies such as the Mira Nano-T Cartridge, its patented thermostatic technology certified to the TMV2 safety standard. This safety certification will ensure a reduced risk of scalding. The Mira Nano-T cartridge is an advanced cartridge for reliable, precise, and enhanced thermostatic control, tested to 200,000 life cycles for reliable performance.  Also included is Mira CoolShield™ technology. This clever feature stops heat transferring to exposed surfaces of the shower, which means a Mira Minimal is always safe to touch.

From innovative, feature rich products to ease of installation and servicing, Mira works harder to make your work easier.

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