Kingspan Environmental launches Heat Interface Unit

Kingspan Environmental launches Heat Interface Unit

Meeting an increasing need for district heating solutions, Kingspan Environmental has launched a new Heat Interface Unit.

Market forecasts show a major growth opportunity for Heat Interface Units (HIU) based on a potent mix of ambitious building policies and energy efficiency legislation which are driving the specification of district and communal heating schemes.

Kingspan Environmental has launched the Range HIU. With heating capacities up to 15 kW and instantaneous hot water up to 70 kW, the unit comes with exceptional levels of control and has been independently tested to the BS 13203-01 standard.

Heat Interface Units (HIU) are becoming the preferred heating system solution for multiple occupancy, high-rise developments.  Rather than each dwelling being fitted with a gas boiler or electric panel heaters, a central boiler plant facility provides all of the energy for heating and domestic hot water through the entire complex. HIU’s act as a bridge between the central boiler plant and individual dwelling units – they can be sited within the apartment, but are often located outside the living space.

Clyde Brown, who is leading the Range HIU introduction, believes that Kingspan can make a big impact on the market and help shape building development in areas of dense population and multi-occupancy housing. “Kingspan is known for quality and expertise, which is exactly what it will bring to the network heating market. The name also represents technology and innovation that drives heating and hot water solutions for a fast changing building landscape”, says Clyde. “With trends towards more complex buildings, designed with interconnected service platforms which increasingly rely on technology to achieve and measure energy efficiency, our new intelligent HIU product offers a higher standard of control and reliability”, he adds.

Kingspan Environmental - Range HIU InternalThe advanced electronic technology found in Range HIU includes the Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) control and electronic modulating Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV).  These major components ensure that the system always operates at its optimum efficiency, even when external conditions fluctuate. This high level of control ensures that very low primary system (district) return temperatures are maintained, giving substantial energy savings.

The PID Controller ensures precise central heating and domestic hot water temperatures are achieved and maintained at the set point, even when demand varies. Immediate availability of domestic hot water from the HIU is ensured at all times, as the system is programmed to charge the DHW heat exchanger at regular intervals, regardless of demand. When and how much hot water is let through can be adjusted to suit the application and individual requirements, but come factory set at 3.5 litres every 20 minutes.

Additional smart technology provides automatic fault diagnostics with additional options for metering and data collection.  Pre-payment billing options, which particularly suit tenancy applications, are also available. The unit is secure and vandal proof to prevent unauthorized tampering.

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