John Guest doubles guarantee on Speedfit plumbing ranges

John Guest doubles guarantee on Speedfit plumbing ranges

John Guest has extended the guarantee on its core plumbing range from 25 years to 50 years.

John Guest, the company behind the Speedfit range of plumbing products, is now offering a guarantee of 50 years across its core range.

Lee Flood, Director of Quality at John Guest, said, “John Guest products have long been synonymous with quality and our guarantees reflect this. Not only are our products designed and developed by our own experts here in the UK, but we have also invested heavily in technology and expertise to ensure that quality is built in at every stage of manufacture.

“Our push-fit plumbing range meets British and many other national and international standards but our testing techniques and product experience has now given us the confidence to bump our guarantee up from 25 years to 50 years.”

The company’s products are checked at every stage of production to make sure they meet the high standards expected by customers. Fittings are weighed, measured and checked using robotic and visual technology. Every batch is tested before leaving the factory.

Other tests at John Guest’s headquarters in West Drayton include subjecting pipes and fittings to fluctuating temperatures and pressures, in excess of the operating pressure. Products are also verified for resistance against water hammer, force, impact and chemical exposures.


The 50-year guarantee is against material and manufacturing defects for products in John Guest Speedfit’s core plumbing range. It will apply to Speedfit Plumbing and Heating Products used in normal domestic cold and hot water supply and central heating systems installed in the UK, in accordance with the company’s published Technical Checklist and Instructions.

The products covered include:

  • Plumbing Fittings Range (product codes prefixed PEM & PSE)
  • Plumbing Manifolds (product codes prefixed SFM)
  • Pipe Inserts (product codes prefixed TSM & STS)
  • BPEX & BPB Barrier Pipe
  • Brass Threaded Adaptors and Couplers

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