Herschel far infrared heaters

Herschel far infrared heaters

Requiring no maintenance or servicing, Far infrared heaters typically require almost 40% less energy than conventional ‘energy efficient’ electric heaters, according to Herschel.

The company says that most electric heating requires around 45 watts per m³, whereas infrared heating needs only about 25 watts per m³.

These infrared heaters are available as ultra slimline wall-or ceiling-mounted panels in a variety of designs including glass, mirrors and bespoke pictures – and even outdoor patio models.

Paul Morey, Herschel’s CEO, commented: “Herschel Far Infrared is the future of heating today. Radiant heating is far more efficient than heating air and is a low energy solution that can be combined with solar or wind generated electricity to provide a heating system that is CO2 free.”


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