Garic’s launches solar powered drying unit

Garic’s launches solar powered drying unit

The new solar powered drying unit from Garic could help contractors reduce carbon emissions on site.

A new range of solar powered drying rooms has been launched by site welfare facilities specialist Garic. The eco-efficient unit could save up to 86% in energy costs, according to the manufacturer.

Internally the 10×8 drying unit features two drying benches and a cost rail. It has a thermostatically controlled solar powered, blown air heating system supported by an oil burner to promote quick and efficient drying. The unit utilises solar energy for its electrical functions removing the need for a diesel generator or a mains electricity input.

The drying room unit achieved carbon emissions of 195.5kg and used 73l of diesel per week during a trial through the winter.

Garic has calculated that, based on a 50 hour working week, the drying unit could provide savings of 9.7t of carbin and 3,650 litres of diesal.

Amongst the range is also a combination toilet and drying unit which provides two male and one female toilet with a 5×7.8 solar powered drying room.

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