Fernox launches TF1 Sigma Filter

Fernox launches TF1 Sigma Filter

Water treatment manufacturer, Fernox, has released the newest addition to its in-line system filter offering – the TF1 Sigma Filter.

The new TF1 Sigma Filter has been designed as a robust solution, providing tough resistance against extremes in temperature and pressure. It is made from engineering-grade polymer that is suited for heating and cooling system applications and incorporates double radial seals on the connection between the manifold and the main body of the filter, for extra reliability and design integrity.

The launch follows extensive market research and customer feedback, and consequently the TF1 Sigma Filter has been developed as a sealed unit with no removable lid, so it is watertight, easy to clean and service. Adopting this sealed design approach eliminates the need to replace ‘O’ rings; therefore reducing ongoing maintenance costs associated with traditional lidded plastic filters which require component parts to be replaced when opening the lid for servicing.

To ease installation the TF1 Sigma Filter can be installed horizontally, vertically or in any orientation in both flow directions. Due to its ability to be positioned at an angle up to 45°, it is suited for use in restricted spaces. To aid installation further, the filter is available with either high-quality valves or slip-socket connections, depending on installer preference.

“After in-depth research with installers, we identified that product simplicity was central to what they were looking for in an in-line filter. Following our success with the TF1 Omega Filter, installer feedback reinforced the growing popularity of sealed filtration units – particularly with reference to servicing a system – and we wanted to take this concept to the next level”, said Carl Allinson, UK and Ireland Sales Director at Fernox. “We are excited to launch the TF1 Sigma Filter into the market, and we can’t wait to see how it will be welcomed by the industry.”



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