Elmhurst Energy launches SAP 10 software

Elmhurst Energy launches SAP 10 software

Following the release of the SAP 10 methodology, energy performance measurement specialists Elmhurst Energy has released Design SAP 10 Beta in anticipation for the updates to the Building Regulations in 2020.

The release of SAP 10 methodology and expected update to Building Regulations will impact the assessment and compliance process for new build properties. Those with access to Design SAP 10 Beta will be able to advise on the new requirements and inputs of the SAP 10 methodology for new build properties from 2020 onwards.

The software release allows assessors to stay ahead of the curve and preview the upcoming changes.

Jason Hewins (On Construction Team Leader) said: “Design SAP 10 Beta will allow the industry to get an advanced look at the new data that will be required to complete assessments when SAP 10 is introduced into building regulations. This will ensure you are fully prepared to tackle the next change to building regulations well in advance of their implementation expected in 2020.”

Design SAP 10 Beta allows energy assessors to become familiar with the new data inputs and requirements for SAP 10 assessments. You can import existing assessments from Design SAP 2012 in Design SAP 10 Beta to view the impact on the assessment process, including additional data fields and measurements.


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