E-training from Actis Hybrid

E-training from Actis Hybrid

Builders wanting increased understanding of the benefits and applications of the Actis Hybrid system could benefit from the company’s e-learning programme.

The online Hybrid Insulation Training module takes users through each of the products, their qualities and where and how to use them. It looks at the benefits of each of the three materials – an insulating breather membrane, insulating vapour control layer and an insulation which can each be used in isolation or as an entire system.

The training module also shows how to use the on line simulator – a tool aimed at estimating the likely U-value of any combination of products in a range of scenarios – such as a pitched roof or a timber wall.

The programme, which includes graphics and step-by-step installation photographs, ends with a test whose pass rate is 75%.

For more information visit the Actis website.

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