Doosan Bobcat launches new High Track Excavators

Doosan Bobcat launches new High Track Excavators

Two new High Track Crawler Excavators launched by Doosan Bobcat.

Doosan Bobcat EMEA has launched the new DX160LC-5 HT and DX180LC-5 HT Stage IV compliant High Track Crawler Excavators, complementing the company’s standard configuration DX140LC-5 14 tonne and DX180LC-5 18 tonne mid-range excavators.

The new High Track models are designed to meet the needs of customers requiring a combination of higher ground clearance, a reinforced track frame and a strong traction system with reinforced upper rollers for work in harsh environments and on projects where larger travelling distances are involved.

Part of Doosan’s new generation ‘LC-5’ range of machines meeting the latest Stage IV emission regulations, the DX160LC-5 HT and DX180LC-5 HT are powered by the Perkins 1204F engine, which combines reduced fuel consumption with the power and torque of larger engines with a smaller displacement. The Perkins 1204F engine provides an output of 81.6 kW (109 HP) and 94.9 kW (127 HP) at 2000 rpm, respectively, in the DX160LC-5 HT and DX180LC-5 HT.

The features offered as standard in the operator’s cab in the DX160LC-5 HT and DX180LC-5 HT include a novel system that enables attachments to be operated from either the joystick or a two-way pedal. Being able to switch control of the auxiliary lines between the joystick and the two-way pedal greatly lessens any discomfort that may be caused by extended or repetitive use of the joystick alone to control attachments (such as a shear or a breaker). It is also helpful when precision is required – as the operator can keep full control of the excavator via the joystick while using the two-way pedal for attachments.

The auto-idling rpm on the DX160LC-5 HT and DX180LC-5 HT automatically increases from 800 rpm to 1100 rpm when the temperature goes below 10 °C.  This boosts the efficiency of the heating inside the cab.


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