Selco reduces prices to 1990s levels

Selco reduces prices to 1990s levels

Building materials supplier Selco has knocked some items back to 1990s prices – but some items cost more!

Two of Selco Builders Warehouses branches are celebrating landmark anniversaries in September and as a special offer to customers the company has picked a core selection of products that will be available at 1990s prices.

At the Bristol and Swansea branches, which will be celebrating 20 and 25 years in business respectively, prices will be rolled back to 1995 and 1990, but bosses were surprised to find that some items could actually end up costing more.

While a first class stamp has increased from 22 pence to 63 pence in the last 25 years (186 per cent increase) and a pint of beer has increased from 99 pence in 1990 to £3.31 pence today (234 per cent increase), Selco’s promotion has revealed that some trade items have decreased in price.

Expanding foam – a vital tool for carpenters and plumbers – has decreased by 20 pence in the last 25 years and a door closing hinge has gone down from £42.45 in 1990 to £40.99 today. The price of a stainless steel kitchen sink has remained constant during this period and still costs the same today as it did a quarter of a century ago -£31.29.

Quick to point out the customers won’t be charged the higher price, chief executive Chris Cunliffe says the price differences came as quite a shock. “Selco is in a period of rapid expansion with new branches opening every few months, so it’s nice to take a step back and recognise the success of the branches that have been open for many years.

“It’s especially poignant for me to mark the anniversary at the Bristol branch as I actually started my managerial career here so it’s quite a personal achievement for me to look back and see where the company has come.

“Given the tough economic conditions our customers have had to deal with over the past few years, we have rolled back prices to the 1990s as a gesture to thank our loyal customers for their support. However, when we picked out 25 of our popular items to roll back prices, we were surprised to learn that some have actually come down in price. Of course, we won’t be charging our customers the higher prices, but it was certainly an eye opener to see what’s happened to some costs.”

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