Raffle House adds £30k Land Rover Discovery Sport to prize pot

Raffle House adds £30k Land Rover Discovery Sport to prize pot

Raffle House has added a £30,000, new Land Rover Discovery Sport to the prize pot for its current competition in which a £500,000 luxury London flat is already guaranteed to be won.

The competition closes on 31st July and will see one winner collect the keys to the two-bed apartment in East London, as well as the keys to a brand-new SUV.

The car on offer is a Land Rover Discovery Sport 2.0 D150 2WD with a market value of £30,000, which can also be claimed as a cash prize if the winner prefers.

Raffle House became the first professional house raffle company to guarantee that their property will be awarded regardless of whether the ticket threshold is met.

With only about 20,000 of the 60,000 tickets still available, the odds of winning the property and the car, which will be awarded if the ticket target is reached, are incredibly favourable.

In addition to awarding the property, Raffle House will also cover Stamp Duty and legal fees, with tickets costing just £10 each and discounts available for multiple ticket purchases.

In April, Raffle House set aside £10,000 worth of free tickets for NHS workers as a thank-you for their selflessness and bravery during the Covid-19 outbreak.

In addition, 2.5 per cent of all ticket sales will be given to homelessness charities with Raffle House donating almost £14,000 to Centerpoint and Housing for Women through its inaugural draw.

Benno Spencer, CEO of Raffle House, said: “Raffle House is all about changing lives and what better way to do that than to award our winner with a car as well as the guaranteed property for our current draw. We’re now offering a lifestyle win and that’s really exciting.

“These are uncertain and worrying times and we hope that our competition will bring fun, excitement and a little optimism to those that enter.

“Of course, for one lucky player it could prove to be absolutely life-changing – the property must be won regardless of whether we meet the ticket threshold or not, so someone is going to be leaving lockdown with a whole new life ahead of them.”

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