New Zealand construction giant bids to recruit UK professionals

New Zealand construction giant bids to recruit UK professionals

Fletcher Construciton is seeking UK building professionals to deliver infrastructure projects in New Zealand.

One of New Zealand’s leading infrastructure, commercial engineering and building contractors, Fletcher Construction is looking to the UK to recruit top-level talent to help deliver an extended pipeline of the largest infrastructure projects in the nation’s history.

Fletcher Construction is seeking a wide range of top British talent – engineers, project managers, surveyors, designers and builders. It is hosting an event in central London on 28 July to kick-start its recruitment drive.

Chief executive Graham Darlow says global turmoil means Fletcher Construction will appeal to ex-pat and UK construction leaders as it is headquartered in New Zealand where a comfortable lifestyle is balanced by the challenges of world class construction projects. While the Christchurch post-earthquake rebuild is well underway, Auckland is making up for a massive infrastructure deficit and the firm has 30 years-worth of large-scale projects in the offing.

“I have never seen so much construction activity of such a scale right across New Zealand in my 40 years working in the industry,” he says.

Graham Darlow, CEO Fletcher Construction  on coming to NZ to work for Fletcher Construction

Upcoming are a number of huge infrastructure projects, including Auckland’s city rail link, which combined with other large projects would constitute a 30-year pipeline of construction.

Recognising the international competition for skilled infrastructure project managers and engineers, Fletcher Construction has multiple initiatives underway at home and abroad to secure its long term talent pipeline, but is targeting the UK for senior construction leaders.

Details of the Fletcher Construction recruitment event can be found here.

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