Perception of construction main challenge to recruitment of next generation

Perception of construction main challenge to recruitment of next generation

84% of construction professionals feel the perception of the sector as ‘manual work’ is the main reason it remains an unpopular career choice, according to a new survey by the Considerate Construction Scheme.

Results from a recent survey taken from the UK and Irish construction industries has reveled that although 85% of respondents would recommend a career in construction to young people, 84% feel the ongoing perception of construction as being manual work is the main reason it remains an unpopular career choice.

The Considerate Construction Scheme survey of the construction industry in the UK and Ireland received around 800 responses. It also uncovered that 77% view the skills shortage as the most pressing issue facing the construction industry while 72% cite the challenging nature of work as the main benefit of a construction career. 53% know young people who are, or could be, interested in a construction career.

In response the Considerate Constructors Scheme has launched the ‘Spotlight on…the next generation’ campaign to provide essential information and resources to help the industry address the urgent issue of attracting the future workforce.

Considerate Constructors Scheme Chief Executive Edward Hardy said: “The shortage of new entrants in to the workforce is one of the most pressing issues facing the construction industry. With over 400,000 new recruits needed each year to deliver construction projects, we must all take steps to attract the next generation.

“While we do have a great industry, one that is working hard to improve its image – as evidenced by the fact that 85% of those within the industry would recommend a career in construction – we need to do so much more to continually improve our standards in order to drive the perception change much needed to make the industry more attractive.”

‘Spotlight on…the next generation’ – hosted on the Scheme’s Best Practice Hub – has been launched by the Scheme to raise awareness of the wide range of resources, organisations, case studies, key information and guidance available to help construction to attract the future workforce.

Edward Hardy continued: “The Scheme’s Best Practice Hub is at the epicentre of helping to share best practice across construction. Through the ‘Spotlight on…the next generation’ campaign, we are delighted to use our reach and influence across the entire industry to help provide key resources to address this critical issue.”


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