New Sewers Code for Adoption

New Sewers Code for Adoption

The new Sewers Code for Adoption signals a more flexible future for developers.

Guidance from Water UK on the planning and construction of foul and surface water drainage systems will provide housing developers with greater design freedom, according to Polypipe Building Products.

The Sewers Code for Adoption guidance, introduced in April, includes a standardised set of delivery procedures and a Design and Construction Guidance document that replaces the existing Sewers for Adoption manual. All water companies are now working to these changes made in accordance with Section 104 of the Water Industry Act 1991.

This represents a significant change to practice which will affect the adoption of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) and below ground drainage systems on all development sites in England.

The changes to the regulations now mean that developers can use a greater range of materials for sewerage systems. They can now opt for cost effective, light-in-weight but reliable and durable plastic systems for below ground drainage and sewer systems, as well as design and introduce SuDS systems using the latest in drainage technology.

Polypipe has an extensive product portfolio of below ground drainage pipes including the UK’s largest range of sewer pipes, fittings and chambers for commercial and residential projects. The pipes are available in diameters from 110mm up to 3,000mm and make installation faster due to the flexibility, strength and easy handling properties.

Polypipe also had geocellular sustainable drainage  systems, designed to provide housing developers with water storage and attenuation solutions to keep developments safe from localised flooding and to sustainably manage surface water runoff, without increasing the burden on natural water courses and rivers.

Richard Eddy, Product Manager, Below Ground Drainage, Polypipe Building Products said: “Former regulations allowed water companies to vary requirements, but the updated guidance ensures that all products are evaluated by the same standards across England. This means that there are now regions in England where house builders and developers can now choose from a greater range of products and systems when specifying below ground drainage on new housing estates.

“Polypipe is best placed to advise home builders, from large developers to small plot builders on how the new Sewers Code for Adoption will affect their projects, with our below ground drainage technical experts available to offer guidance.”

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