‘Connect to Better’ drainage with Wavin

‘Connect to Better’ drainage with Wavin

Wavin has launched a new ‘Connect to Better’ branding concept which underlines the plumbing and drainage manufacturer’s promise to connect its customers to “better technologies, partnerships and solutions whatever their project or challenge.

With a history of over 60 years the company is one of the longest established names in the heating, plumbing and drainage market. To underline everything that Wavin offers for above and below ground projects ‘Connect to Better’ highlights six key benefits that customers receive – innovation, performance, partnership, service, value and sustainability.

“Connect to Better gives clear benefits to our customers with Wavin as a single point of contact for above and below ground requirements,” said Bex Hartlebury, Marketing Communications Manager at Wavin. “By connecting to better we will solve complex challenges, offer long-term durability with faster installation and find the best solution, whatever our customer’s need.”

To find out more, visit click here or watch the Connect to Better movie.

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