West Fraser | A strong argument

West Fraser | A strong argument

This month we take a look at West Fraser’s SterlingOSB Zero StrongFix.

SterlingOSB Zero can be used for all the same structural applications that plywood can be used for and, as the panels are made in the UK, they don’t have to travel all the way from Asia or South America. This means it is competitively priced.

The OSB panel is designed to be used in dry lining applications. It is simple to fit, highly versatile and ideal for fixing cabinets, radiators, wash basins, railings and other heavy fixtures to stud walls. StrongFix is cut to size to fit within c-stud sections and has a pre-groove already cut. SterlingOSB Zero is an engineered, wood-based panel made from flakes of wood mixed with a resin and then pressed. This method of manufacture means that the panel does not contain any defects of natural wood – such as the knots or voids that plywood would contain – so fixtures can be inserted anywhere on the panel without the concern of hitting a weak spot.

You do not need any additional items when purchasing the StrongFix boards to be used for pattressing. The product uses the same fixings – l-shaped steel frame, c-stud self-tapping dry-wall screws.  The panels can only be used with c-stud sections, not with timber frame. As the application requires it to be fitted and used behind plasterboard, the panel is not finished as it will not be seen.

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