Kohler Mira | It takes two

Kohler Mira | It takes two

Juliet Ramsdale, Product Manager Electric Showers at Kohler Mira, explores the luxurious experience that a dual electric shower can offer, with models such as the Mira Azora Dual adding a touch of style and luxury to any bathroom.

Arguably the bathroom and the escapism and relaxation it offers has been a key factor in maintaining many people’s emotional wellbeing during the unprecedented times of late; a place to shut out the world and relax during uncertain and stressful times.

Coupled with the increased amount of time many people have been spending at home, noticing everything that needs doing, and even wishing to upgrade certain aspects to make their homes more comfortable and enjoyable to spend time in, it’s no wonder many have opted to upgrade their bathrooms recently.

Furthermore, with the recent news of the UK stamp duty holiday, many have taken the decision to move to a new home, complete with luxury bathroom.

If it’s opulence and adding a touch of luxury to the home that people are looking for at the moment, shower manufacturers like Mira have been gearing up towards this for some time.

Predictably, smart technology and digital showers continue to be the big driver for growth in the market, however the value of electric shower sales should not be underestimated – in 2018, it was worth an estimated £129m, with 1.15m units sold, accounting for a 48% share of the overall UK shower market.

It’s a very competitive market and we’re constantly striving to innovate and improve our range. And whilst overhead deluge showers are no new concept, designing a solution like this for electric showers is a different challenge.

Market research has shown that a third of consumers underspend on their budget for a new shower, presenting an opportunity for not only manufacturers but property developers and specifiers, to recommend a better quality of shower.

Sales of ERD (dual outlet) mixer showers are hot on the heels of EV (exposed valve) mixer shower sales, highlighting this switch in popularity and the overwhelming desire for indulgence as well as function. It’s our job as manufacturers to respond to market trends and meet ever-changing customer requirements.

Mira’s dual electrics range highlights our response to this increased demand for a more opulent showering experience. The showers are designed with flexibility in mind, making them more simple to fit, and there are more dual electric lines on the horizon.

The range currently includes the firmly established Decor Dual, the multi-fit electric Sprint Dual, and the high-end thermostatic electric Azora Dual.

The Mira Azora Dual adds a touch of style and luxury. It features thermostatic temperature control and, as with all of our electric showers, Sensi-flo technology, which helps prevent the risk of scalding, ensuring safer showering for the whole family.

Its eco setting means customers can save both power and water, it’s also simple to operate, with an easy on/off button, plus separate power and temperature controls and easy-to-clean heads and hoses. And from an installer’s perspective, the deluge overhead can be positioned wherever it suits.

The first and perhaps most popular in the range, the Mira Decor Dual features stylish design options for the discerning customer including three finishes, all with premium chrome detailing; easy diversion between the handset and deluge; a clever diverter ensuring a stable temperature is maintained when switching; separate flow and temperature controls enabling users to select their preferred shower setting; and a simple on /off push button. It’s easy to clean and has rub-clean nozzles.

The latest addition to our growing dual electric range, the Sprint Dual shower, is designed with flexibility in mind and is multifit, making the ideal replacement upgrade option. It features generous 200mm deluge showerheads and Clearscale technology, helping to reduce limescale by up to 50% to keep the shower working better and for longer.

The Sprint Dual is easy to install and use, as well as elegant. The dual outlet diverter can be installed to the left or right of the shower and the overhead deluge features a swivel feature, to concentrate the spray in the centre of the showering area.

Users can switch between the handset and the indulgent deluge head, and because it’s so easy to fit, with multiple cable and water entry points, it’s ideal for new bathrooms too.

For the user, it’s simple to use, with an easy on/off button, separate power and temperature controls and, as well as offering comfort, its eco settings offer savings in both power and water, making it kinder to the planet and allowing a relaxing guilt-free shower.

All showers in the range offer generous 200mm deluge heads and Clearscale technology, reducing the build-up of limescale up to 50%, meaning a longer-lasting and better performing shower.

Mira’s electric dual range offers the ultimate in convenience and indulgence; when it comes to showering in the 21st century, two heads really are better than one.

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