Kitchens and bathrooms tailored to fit

Kitchens and bathrooms tailored to fit

It is often the subtler details that catch a buyer’s eye – making items like taps and showers of key importance to every developer. Chris Tranter, Specification Product Manager at Bristan, reflects on how housebuilders can add an extra element of style to every development.

With prospective homeowners believing that it takes eight years to save enough money for a deposit, the decision to buy is not taken lightly, and buyers won’t settle for less than their perfect home.

A recent survey by GoCompare found that 25 % of homebuyers are put off buying if the house has an outdated kitchen or bathroom. In light of this, it’s crucial that housebuilders’ choice of taps and showers reflect the lifestyle aspirations of the house-hunters they are looking to attract.

While the inclination may be to invest on the big ticket items, the smaller touches are just as vital – and can add a subtle, but striking, design distinction to enhance the overall design concept.

Bathroom taps

In line with customer expectations, housebuilders are expected to deliver ever more stylish homes. Taps, beyond being purely functional, can help create bathrooms that are distinctive and on trend.

For small apartments targeted to couples looking for style and sophistication, taps that feature a wide spout and luxurious water cascade effect create an eye-catching focal point for the room. In residences like these where space is at a premium, the use of trough sinks offers a practical, deep ledge for accessories. By combining this with chunky, yet petite, taps you can easily provide a contemporary design without taking up unnecessary space.

In terms of catering to modern households, specifiers need to consider a variety of needs. According to the Intergenerational Foundation think tank, over 500,000 households have at least three generations living under one roof, and that number is expected to rise to 556,000 by 2019 with a significant increase in the number of people aged 85 or over.

This has an inevitable effect on lifestyles, and the bathroom is arguably the place in the home where this can have the greatest impact. In these households taps that feature long handle controls are ideal as young children and the older generation can use them easily and safely. Equally, crosshead taps are especially well-suited for elderly members as they are a more familiar style, and can be easier to use for those with memory issues.

Kitchen taps

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home – and therefore one of its most important selling points. By specifying practical, durable and on-trend kitchen taps, you can provide a stand-out kitchen selling point no matter what type of home is being built.

Features such as clever single lever controls and pull-out sprays, like those found in professional kitchens, combine aesthetic appeal with functionality and help add to that all important buyer appeal.

Most of Bristan’s kitchen taps come with an Easyfit system, saving time and labour costs. This practicality doesn’t result in a design compromise either as the range includes a variety of styles including chrome and black/white finishes to create a standout aesthetic.


A shower that looks purposeful and powerful is a big plus point for potential homebuyers looking for speed and practicality during the working week, and a little extra luxury at the weekend.

When it comes to choosing a shower, electric options are the natural choice. Water is heated on demand rather than being drawn from a hot water tank, which means that electric showers are highly economical and efficient. This makes them great for en-suite bathrooms, where a piping hot shower can always be available however busy the main bathroom.

What’s more, with many advanced features available on electric showers, including warm up modes to bring water up to a pre-set temperature and anti-limescale technology to prolong shower life, housebuilders can choose a model which is both impressive to the consumer, and also cost effective.

For households including elderly members, electric showers are available with specifically designed easy-to-use features. An example of this is Bristan’s BEAB endorsed Joy Care which includes large, easy to move dials, raised markings and an audible click when settings are adjusted, plus an illuminated stop/start button and an LED digital setting display.

For potential homeowners, the bathroom and kitchen are two of the most important rooms when buying a new property. It is therefore important for housebuilders to stay up-to-date on the latest products which suit the needs of the various households that could inhabit a new build. By choosing the right products, housebuilders can be assured that the overall design of their development will be enhanced, offering style and functionality for potential homeowners.

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