Kitchens & Bathrooms – the 2016 trends

Kitchens & Bathrooms – the 2016 trends

With kitchens & bathrooms being the most influential rooms when it comes to selling houses, PHPD takes a look at the latest trends that will be making waves in 2016.

Kitchens & Bathrooms have a lot in common, not only because they are such practical spaces, but also in terms of their style trends. The kitchen, of course, has always been regarded as the hub of the home and this is as true today as it has ever been, particularly with the continued move towards open-plan layouts. The kitchen as a multi-functional space where the homeowner can quite literally work, rest and play suits our modern lifestyles. As such, we have seen it evolve from a functional room into one that needs to offer all the home comforts too.

The same can be said for the bathroom, which is no longer a purely practical room where we spend time out of necessity alone. Today, the bathroom is seen as a place of sanctuary and retreat, a spa-like haven to relax in after a hard day’s work. It is little wonder then that there is now a crossover between these two rooms in terms of materials, finishes and their overall look and feel.

Modern classic

Wimbourne from Masterclass Kitchens adds a modern twist to the classically styled open plan kitchen, with the Shaker-style door available in of-the-moment colours. Based on a grey colour palette that is right on trend, Wimbourne can be chosen in Ivory, Mussel, Nutmeg, Light Grey, Heritage Grey, or Stone Grey
Wimbourne from Masterclass Kitchens adds a modern twist to the classically styled open plan kitchen

A key trend being seen in both kitchen and bathroom design is for classical styling with a modern twist. This creates a timeless elegance that is held in high regard by homebuyers seeking assurance that they are making a wise investment. “Timeless designs result in a smooth transition between the kitchen and adjoining living and dining spaces, making this a particularly popular option for those opting for an open-plan room where all the furniture and fittings need to work in harmony,” comments Steve Tough, Commercial Sales Director at Masterclass Kitchens. “In terms of kitchen furniture, traditional-style, in-frame cabinetry and Shaker-style doors remain ever-popular,” he continues.

“Natural materials such as timber and stone have a particular timeless appeal, while painted kitchens are the ideal choice, especially as they can be repainted should the colour chosen ever begin to date, without having to go to the expense of a complete refurb.”

Individual spaces

Materials are being combined in imaginative ways in both the kitchen and bathroom too, helping to create individual spaces rather than an ‘off the peg’ look. “Opting for grained cabinetry for the wall units and a matt finish for the kitchen base units, for example, creates a two-tone effect that is really individual yet not overpowering,” explains Masterclass’s Tough. “This is also an effective way of breaking up a large run of cabinetry and adding interest or turning one area in particular into a focal point.”

Enabling the latest trend for composite stone products to be integrated into the bathroom with ease, the new Metreaux collection by BAGNODESIGN for the Sanipex Group UK features a beautiful range of washbasins crafted from BAGNOQUARTZ
The new Metreaux collection by BAGNODESIGN for the Sanipex Group UK features a beautiful range of washbasins crafted from BAGNOQUARTZ

Worktops, too, provide the opportunity to add an air of individuality to a kitchen’s design. As such, an emerging trend is for surfaces with that feature colour or a grained effect, as identified by Caesarstone. “One of our most popular worktops currently is the Statuario Nuvo, which is a very unique colour, with striking features,” comments David Beckett, Sales Director at Caesarstone. “It not only has the contemporary white with the trendy marble veining but also the wow factor that customers willing to make a bold statement in their home will love. The colour of the quartz also means it fits very well with most cabinetry for a seamless finish.”

Richard Nicholls, Sales Director for Sanipex Group UK, agrees that this is a trend being echoed in the bathroom too. “There is no interior design rule that says you need to opt for a single material and combining various elements of wood, stone, glass and ceramics can give the bathroom a timeless quality. Mixing different materials is the ideal way of creating a unique look in the bathroom, and will set the property apart from the competition.”

Time for colour

Designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, the Kartell by Laufen collection introduces colour into the bathroom through its furniture and accessories
The Kartell by Laufen collection introduces colour into the bathroom through its furniture and accessories

Bathrooms are becoming more colourful too, with the smallest room in the home offering an opportunity for individual tastes and personality to be drawn upon. “White sanitaryware works as a striking contrast to some of the latest on-trend colours for the bathroom,” explains Joanne Langton, Marketing Manager for Swiss bathroom brand Laufen. “From grey and beige for a muted feel, through to bold orange and red for something a little more daring in larger spaces, colour is big news in bathroom design currently.

“There are a whole host of ways to successfully add a splash of colour to the bathroom without it becoming too overbearing and it can be a very effective way of adding an individual touch to the space. Larger spaces can carry a greater use of colour, whether it covers the entire wall space or is used to make a feature of one wall. In smaller spaces it is often better to introduce a splash of colour as an accent, perhaps with a coloured showerhead or some brightly coloured accessories.”

Tech revolution

Another emerging trend in the bathroom is towards technology, with the bathroom fast becoming just as much of a gadget centre as the kitchen. “Technology is becoming an increasingly important part of bathroom design as it can play a big role in creating a relaxing retreat,” comments Mark Larden, Managing Director of Geberit. “We recently conducted a survey of 1,000 UK homeowners which revealed that they are very willing to embrace the idea of technology in the bathroom. In fact , 45% of respondents said they would be interested in a shower toilet that freshens the user with water after use. Other popular technology included touch free controls (41%), spa baths (29%), plus in-bathroom music (24%).

Roca Nexo small
Maximising hygiene and ease of cleaning in the bathroom, the Nexo WC from Roca is now available in a wall-hung, rimless design

“When we talk about technology in the bathroom, we often think of spa baths and hydrotherapy showers. While these are unarguably important in creating a luxurious space, the WC also has a huge part to play in raising comfort levels and is becoming just as technologically advanced,” comments Georgina Spencer, Head of Marketing at Roca Group UK.

She continues: “The latest flushing technology is being used to address the issue of hygiene in the bathroom, which is a common concern among consumers. Rimless WCs are an effective solution, as they leave nowhere for dirt or germs to gather.”

Georgina Spencer, Head of Marketing at Roca Group UK concludes, “It is not only their practical benefits that make rimless WCs an attractive option, but their aesthetic qualities too. Their streamlined, simple appearance responds to the trend for minimal bathroom design.”


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