Garic | Cleaning solutions for building sites

Garic | Cleaning solutions for building sites

With dust and mud presenting such big health and safety concerns, it is crucial that building sites keep up-to-date with the latest suppression product developments. Dan McClure, Technical Project Manager at Garic highlights three solutions.

Confined site wheel wash units
Having identified the need for a smaller more cost-effective wheel wash that could be used on confined sites we set about designing and manufacturing one. A prototype was exhibited for the first time at Plantworx this summer and the reaction was very encouraging indeed.

Many visitors said that the reduced size, affordability and clever additional features make it perfect for preventing the spread of dust and mud on sites that previously didn’t have room for a wheel wash unit.

The new City Wheel Wash has been specifically engineered with small, low-volume traffic projects in mind. It is suited to urban developments where space is a premium, muck is a problem and where traditional wheel wash solutions are too large.

At 8500 by 4500 by 325mm it is the smallest powered spray wash product in our range. It is quick to deploy, no movement orders are required and it is easy to set up onsite – there is as little disruption as possible.

It has been designed for site specification vehicles such as tipper trucks and vehicles without front and rear under-run restrictions. However, ramp extensions are available for lower configurations if required.

The unit can be dug into the ground down to just 325mm for a flush-fit application but if digging is not an option, the unit can also be used 325mm above ground using a set of 3-metre rumble ramps.

As wheels pass through the unit, the rumble bars agitate the tyre treads which are then cleaned using high-pressure spray jets. This process provides a 360° clean of standard tipper lorry tyres. Travelling very slowly through the new City Wheel Wash achieves a clean similar to our much larger units.

It has a submersible pump that can either be plugged in to an existing three-phase supply or powered independently of mains power using a small 10kWA diesel-powered generator.

A 25mm water supply is required to give the unit its initial fill. This also maintains the water level within the unit. Waste water is minimised as it is automatically recirculated from the containing sump beneath.

The new city wheel wash can be hired for a minimum of four weeks or can be purchased.

Boot Washes
To eradicate dirty footprints and help keep your sites clean, safe and in good condition Garic offers three and five bay boot washes. Both sizes of boot wash have a new quick release trigger brush which can be operated with one hand, making it easier for staff or site visitors to clean their shoes and boots before entering any clean-zones and therefore saving wear and tear of carpets or flooring. The updated wash also has a removable grid for easy cleaning.

The three bay unit measures 1.6 by 0.6m and the five bay version is 2.7 by 0.5m. Garic’s boot wash are manufactured in the UK and the company can provide bespoke designs to suit any site. requirements.

Dust bowsers
For larger scale dust problems Garic has a range of bowsers. Our powerful dust suppression bowsers are available in three sizes – 500, 1,000 and 2,000 gallon – and include additional options such as fan tail and irrigation spraying, and sprinkler systems. These are designed to spray water across large distances and are therefore ideal for bigger construction sites.

We also stock a number of additional complementary plant and equipment to tackle dust and mud and can source many more through our Garic Connect service. There are new products being developed all the time – more compact, more powerful and more cost-efficient – so there really is no excuse for not keeping dust and mud under control.

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