Electric mini

Electric mini

The DX20ZE-7 mini-excavator is the first mass-produced electric-powered excavator manufactured by DEVELON.

This two-tonne excavator combines low-noise and zero emissions with the features and performance enhancements that are found on the next-generation DX-7 Series family of mini-excavators

Designed to meet a growing demand for electric machines, compact equipment, such as mini excavators, has a higher tendency to work in cities and residential areas where it has proximity to other workers and so has a great advantage over diesel counterparts due to less noise and no emissions.

Retractable tracks allow the new excavator to pass through narrow passages and entrances/exits, making it suitable for working in confined spaces or indoor applications. Once the excavator reaches the work area, the operator can expand the tracks for better stability and lifting capacity. With its compact dimensions, the DX20ZE-7 is a good solution for companies working in sensitive areas where low noise or night-time work is necessary.

The mini-excavator is powered by an in-house-developed 20.4 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, with all the electrical system and components on the machine optimised for work in harsh environments. A quick-charger system restores 80% of the battery power after only one hour and 20 minutes of charging, while the on-board charger restores the maximum charge after eight hours of charging.

Telematics is standard on the DX20ZE-7 mini-excavator. Operators and dealers can remotely monitor their machine’s health, location and productivity from an app or website. Telematics can help owners: minimise equipment theft and allow for machine tracking; avoid unauthorized use of the machine; see when maintenance is due; customise alerts to a customer’s schedule; track oil pressure, operating temperature and more; and use data to train operators for maximum productivity.

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