Digital showers for a 24-home development

Digital showers for a 24-home development

When family-run housebuilder Ingram Homes was looking for a fresh new specification for its Salamanca development near Norwich, the company turned to the latest digital showers from Bristan.

Based in Norfolk, Ingram Homes builds high quality new homes in East Anglia. The company, which was established in 1972, is keen to incorporate new technologies and market trends. When it came to the specification of fixtures for the bathrooms and en-suite facilities in its 24-home Salamanca development in Stoke Holy Cross, it asked Simon Rayner at Premier Contract Supplies to make some recommendations.

The company takes the approach that there is no such thing as a ‘standard’ Ingram Homes bathroom. Ingram Homes’ Managing Director John Ingram said: “We like to approach each development with an open mind and look at what products are on the market that will give our homes the ‘wow’ factor. When we were looking at options for showers, Bristan’s Artisan Evo Digital shower just jumped out.”

Cascade looks to combine contemporary design with modern features

Digitally-controlled mixer valves
The Artisan Evo Digital shower consists of a wireless digitally-controlled thermostatic mixer valve, with either a ceiling mounted rose shower head (like the Ingram Homes specification) or an adjustable riser kit. Features include a warm-up mode, LCD display, and smart technology that remembers the temperature and flow – bringing new housing into the digital age.

As the shower valve is digital, it doesn’t need to be fitted in the showering area, and can be positioned up to 10m from the controller which opens up many new design possibilities. It can be fitted in an airing cupboard, under the bath or even in a loft space if more convenient.

The Artisan Evo has been designed to be quick and easy to install. This can have significant value for contractors when installing products at scale across a development. Featuring an eco-stop button, the shower can save up to 50% of shower water usage.

Combining contemporary design with traditional features
In addition to the digital showers, Ingram Homes has also used Bristan’s Cascade basin taps and recessed showers in their specification for Salamanca.

The design of the Cascade collection combines contemporary design with traditional features, including a modern re-imagining of classic crosshead handles. Pairing angular handles with trapezoid columns and exaggerated, statement curves, the range has a modern, industrial look.

Designed to match any UK wall cavity, the recessed shower valve range is suitable for all UK homes and can all be fitted into a cavity as small as 35mm, with 17-30mm of inbuilt adjustability. Given the space pressures on many modern houses, these slimline valves help take the heat off installation for housebuilders.

John noted: “We have used various Bristan products over the years and find them to be well made, quality products and price competitive. Since Brexit, we have been actively looking to support more British companies in our specifications, so this was another reason for us to choose Bristan on this project.”

Sophie Taylor, Specification Manager from Bristan, added: “We are living in an increasingly digital world and the design of our homes is now very reflective of this trend. The Artisan Evo Digital shower is a real revolution in showering, and we are thrilled to see housebuilders like Ingram Homes embracing this technology.”

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