Floral artwork adorns entrance to new Leicestershire development

Floral artwork adorns entrance to new Leicestershire development

A stone sculpture of flowers marks the entrance to Daisy Bank, a new development by William Davis Homes.

Award-winning artist and sculptor, Graeme Mitcheson, has created a stunning work of art in the village of Hathern, Leicestershire to mark the entrance to a new development by William Davis Homes. Made out of four huge pieces of stone, initially totalling 14 tonnes, Graeme’s sculpture replicates the most delicate symbols of nature, flowers.

“It was always part of the development plan for a piece of public art to be included in the overall scheme and so the seed of an idea began to grow back in July 2014 when landscape architects, Bellinger Design, who work closely with William Davis Homes, consulted with the local community about what sort of artwork they would like,” explained Peter Waterfield, land manager, William Davis Homes.

Graeme, a former student of Loughborough College of Art, continues the story. “Designs and models were put on display in the village and residents were invited to vote for their favourite. I was thrilled when they chose mine.

“Commissioned by William Davis Homes, the piece is inspired by the local area, particularly the wild flower meadows leading down to the river. It also echoes a former use of the site as a plant nursery as some locals recounted remembering fields filled with roses grown for commercial purposes, so it just had to feature flowers.”

The decision to go ahead with the sculpture was given the full support of Hathern Parish Council and following the installation of a special concrete foundation designed by William Davis Homes’ structural engineers, Graeme set to work creating the masterpiece with the whole project taking around four months to complete.

Daisy Bank, Hathern features a range of 2-5 bedroom homes.

Image (l-r): Landscape architect, Fenella Bellinger, artist and sculptor, Graeme Mitcheson, Hathern Parish Council chairman, Royston Dann and William Davis Homes’ land manager, Peter Waterfield.

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