Whirlpool introduces ‘SupremeSilence’ heat pump tumble dryer

Whirlpool introduces ‘SupremeSilence’ heat pump tumble dryer

To match its new range of washing machines, Whirlpool has introduced a heat pump tumble dryer that boasts 6TH SENSE technology – which continuously monitors the humidity and drying levels of the laundry and automatically adapts the drying time. The freestanding SupremeSilence tumble dryer (W6 D94WR UK) has a 9kg drying capacity.

The new tumble dryer is an ‘A+++’ energy rated appliance and utilises heat pump technology to save energy by recycling the heated air back into the drum. The tumble dryer is constructed from over 68 per cent of components that can be recycled at the end of its life.

The unit operates with a noise level as low as 62 dB(A) and has an AutoCleaning condenser that collects condensed water from the user’s laundry, specifically for cleaning, and sprays it onto the condenser filter to remove any lint, which is then automatically directed to a collection unit.

Charmaine Warner, Brand Manager, Whirlpool, said: “At Whirlpool, we design our appliances to empower our customers, making life easier and stress free, while offering them the freedom to thrive in their lives. Our brand new SupremeSilence tumble dryer boasts intuitive technologies, various drying cycles and additional options to ensure users can conveniently dry all their laundry, not just some of it, and for their experience using the appliance to be effortless too. Being able to enjoy the peace and quiet in our own homes is vital for our mental health and with hybrid home working remaining firmly in our lives, it’s essential that we design our appliances to operate quietly in the background, without interrupting daily life.” 

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