Whirlpool introduces freestanding Grand Side by Side fridge freezer

Whirlpool introduces freestanding Grand Side by Side fridge freezer

Whirlpool has introduced a new Grand Side by Side, freestanding fridge and freezer pair.

The new refrigerator (SW8 AM2C XARL UK) boasts a generous net capacity of 363 litres, and it comes with the company’s 6TH SENSE Fresh Control technology, which automatically monitors the temperature and humidity, creating the ideal conditions for storing food.

The Grand Side by Side provides what the company calls, ‘advanced space management’, to make it easier to store more, while keeping all the contents organised, visible and accessible. The pair provides a net capacity of 615 litres which Whirlpool believes will comfortably store the contents of up to 23 shopping bags of food.

The company’s Xlent Fit construction means the appliances may be neatly installed into two, 60 cm spaces, or aligned and linked together, with the aid of a kit for a clean linear-look, and fit into a 120 cm niche.  The models may be located in a variety of positions, as they do not require any space at either side e.g. between the door and a wall, a kitchen unit and may be sited in a corner.

Even if access is restricted, by the door opening to just 87 degrees, the drawers and shelves may be accessed and completely removed. The hinges are easily adjusted for alignment, and are mounted so the doors open within their own space, enabling flexibility within the kitchen design. The appliances also have the benefit of practical wheels on the base to make it easy to install, align and move, without the risk of marking the floor.

Catherine Balderson, Brand Manager, Whirlpool, said: “It is so important for us to deliver appliances that not only keep food preserved for longer, thereby reducing food waste, but incorporate advanced and intuitive technology to work with modern lifestyles. This is a versatile solution for those who want extraordinary capacity, and the convenience of less frequent shopping trips, with a contemporary, premium aesthetic.”

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