Mira range supports independent showering

Mira range supports independent showering

Mira Showers has developed a range of inclusive showering and bathroom products so housebuilders and specifiers can select them to meet the needs of all vulnerable users.

The range, designed for elderly, infant, wheelchair users as well as the non-disabled has: TMV2, TMV3, BEAB Care, Waterwise and endorsement from the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB).

All the products are designed to enable those that are less able to wash and shower independently. The showering, bathing and hand washing ranges can be installed in new properties and the adaptive products can be fitted on existing shower and sanitary ware.

The Mira showering range caters for every type of UK domestic water system, whether it is low or high pressure, hot and cold water or cold water alone, with thermostatic controls ensuring the safety of electric showers and contemporary mixers featuring the latest ‘Eco’ water efficiency technology.

The company manufactures a range of TMV2 and TMV3 controls that guard against scalding, and ensure compliance with Part G of the Building Regulations.

Guaranteed for five years, the Excel EV thermostatic mixer provides high flow performance at any pressure with the security of safer showering as it is supplied with thermostatic temperature control, a maximum temperature stop, and a manual override button. With one lever to control flow, the shower shuts down automatically if the water supply fails.

Endorsed by the RNIB thanks to its user friendly features designed specifically for blind and visually impaired users. It also has specialist fittings adapted to suit the needs of the less able, such as long lever taps, non-touch digital showers and infra-red operated non-touch taps.

The Mira range of trays, enclosures and wall panels are suited to multi-generational housing with a number of features to improve use and safety. The Flight trays and wall panels are made from strong acrylic-capped resin stone that incorporates BioCote to reduce bacteria and mould growth by up to 99.9%.

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