Kubota’s first telehandler for the UK market

Kubota’s first telehandler for the UK market

Kubota has launched its first telehandler for the UK market. Called the KTH4815-2, the compact machine boasts an overall width of 1.6m and an overall height of just under 2m.

Four versions of the KTH4815-2 telehandler are available; two are canopy-equipped models with a curved front screen, and two use fully glazed cabs with a two-piece door – the glazed upper section can be secured in the open position. The entry-level KTH4815-2 is supplied without a 170kg rear counterweight and is shod on 10/75×15.3 narrow tyres, reducing both its cost and performance. A wider, 31/15.5-15 skid steer tyre option is available.

Model numbering is indicative of the telehandler’s lifting capability, with the KTH4815-2 capable of achieving a maximum lift height of 4.8m and a maximum lift capacity of 1.5 tonnes, depending on the variant.

Hydraulic performance extends to up to 81 litres/min, with 51 litres available through an auxiliary circuit for powered attachments carried on the handler’s Eurohitch headstock. In addition to a hydraulically locking headstock, the telehandler features a proportional joystick, with adjustable flow rate and memory function.

In typical rigid frame telehandler fashion, the highest specification KTH4815-2 also includes three-mode steering, adding two-wheel and crab steering modes to the standard four-wheel steering function. Using four-wheel steering, a tight turning radius of 1.2m inner 2.7m outer can be achieved.

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