FabSpeed launches CMS40, the lightweight brick façade system

FabSpeed launches CMS40, the lightweight brick façade system

Introducing the CMS40 Façade System by FabSpeed, a Michelmersh Group brand, in collaboration with fellow industry leaders, Cladmate Façade Systems.

The CMS40 is a lightweight, easy-to-install, cost-effective system that integrates mechanically fixed, non-combustible brick slips to offer the beautiful clay aesthetic that we all know and love. It is suitable for multiple construction projects, ranging from volume high or low-rise projects to new builds or retrofit applications and can be applied to both indoor and outdoor façades. By seamlessly blending traditional brickwork aesthetics with advanced rain screen cladding solutions, CMS40 sets a new standard in architectural versatility and performance.

CMS40 offers numerous benefits, including reduced on-site labour meaning shorter project durations, installation cost savings, improved production safety and quality procedures, enhanced precision and environmental advantages through waste reduction, system recyclability and re-use.

Pairing the innovative CMS40 system with the durability and longevity advantages of clay bricks, in an easy-to-install system, reinforces its appeal in the wider construction industry. Renowned for their strength, fire resistance, thermal and acoustic performance and beauty, clay bricks provide enduring quality alongside their famed long-life expectancy. With a variety of colours and textures, clay brick slips offer unparalleled design flexibility and adaptability which can evolve over generations whilst also complementing change in architectural vision. With confidence in CMS40’s versatility, why not choose a less standard brick bond or even projecting brickwork patterns to give your façade more depth?

Furthermore, the CMS40 support system incorporates 70% recycled aluminium as its primary component and as such is fully recyclable, promoting circular principles, similar to its clay brick counterpart. Its dismantlable and reusable nature coupled with clay brick slips, can ensure a full aesthetic revision with only mortar replacement, ensuring it aligns with sustainable building practices and makes it an ideal choice for secondary applications.

CMS40 stands ready to be adorned with a wide selection of clay brick slip products from Michelmersh’s core range. Additionally, FabSpeed’s team of skilled craftspeople can customise slips from various manufacturers’ clay products, providing tailored solutions to meet every project’s challenges.

Certified for fire safety and environmental standards, CMS40 has undergone rigorous testing, including BS 8414 2:2020 and CWCT standards, with BBA certification covering both Parex lime-based and Instamac cement-based mortars. This lightweight framework system not only reduces structural load but also boasts an A1 non-combustible rating, ensuring safety throughout its lifecycle.

CMS40 is available through FabSpeed with components which can be supplied directly from Cladmate to offer an efficient and reliable supply chain. FabSpeed’s integration within the Michelmersh Group and its decades of readily available expertise on brick finishes and design aspects will ensure that designers looking for a lightweight and innovative prefabricated façade system will be in safe hands.

If you would like to discuss your desired aesthetics or further details on our CMS40 façade system, please contact FabSpeed.

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