Duravit reveals latest toilet tech

Duravit reveals latest toilet tech

The bathroom manufacturer has introduced new technology, combining the HygieneGlaze and the SensoWash slim shower-toilet seat with its rimless design.

The features are available on the new wall-mounted toilets from the ME by Starck and P3 Comforts collections.


Launched in March 2015, this ceramic glaze is said to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Not a surface coating, but permanently integrated and fired into the glaze, HygieneGlaze provides anti-bacterial protection. This particular product is available on P3 Comforts and ME by Starck toilet collections.

SensoWash Slim

The SensoWash comes with a slim remote control which is used to select the desired function: ComfortWash, RearWash or LadyWash. The intensity, position of the spray and water temperature can all be adjusted. There is also a night-light function, while the lid and seat closes automatically.

The entire SensoWash Slim seat unit can be removed and replaced which also allows it to be cleaned separately.

The toilet seat is compatible with models from the DuraStyle, Happy D.2, Starck 2, Starck 3, Darling New, P3 Comforts and ME by Starck collections.


The open design of the WC rim enables powerful flush covering for the entire inner surface of the bowl without splashing.  It is designed to provide hygienic results at 4.5 litres. The open, easily accessible rim area allows easier access when cleaning. The rimless toilet models are available in the Darling New, DuraStyle, Happy D.2., Starck 3, P3 Comforts and ME by Starck collections.



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