Digital Platform | Twinview

Digital Platform | Twinview

Twinview, a new, digital twin platform, has been launched to change the way buildings are managed and perform, helping to make them safer and more energy-efficient.

Twinview is powered by cloud-based, 3D digital twins – digital replicas of physical buildings – which connect the virtual and the physical buildings with real-time analytical data. This allows building owners to manage, monitor and maintain critical construction and operational information. This will enable them to ensure buildings are functioning as safely and efficiently as possible and improve performance over time.

The platform has been four years from research and development to go-live. Despite launching just a few weeks ago Twinview is already in discussions with a number of national and international businesses.

Twinview CEO, Rob Charlton, said: “The original concept for Twinview was very much developed in response to discussions we were having with clients. The problem was that while complex building models were developed through the design and construction process, due to the need for proprietary software, training, and hardware, this information could not be viewed or maintained after building handover.

“While there are existing solutions that deliver elements of what Twinview offers, very few do everything that we are doing in one environment. Twinview removes the need for specialist and expensive hardware, software and training. Not only can users view models online using just a web browser, they’ll also be able to update their models and view and access live data right down to individual asset level in milliseconds.”

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